Conference Keynote Speaker Jacqueline Ewart

Wednesday 28 August

From her Griffith University experts page:

Professor Jacqui Ewart’s research focuses on communication across various phases of extreme climate change events (including disasters) and the involvement of politicians in these types of events. She also researches news media representations of various minority groups including Muslims and Indigenous Australians. She has undertaken extensive research into radio audiences including talkback and community radio audiences .

Professor Ewart has held nationally competitive funding including $1.26 million for the award winning Reporting Islam Project in which 1000 journalists, journalism educators and journalism students were trained in how to be more informed when covering stories about Muslims and their faith. A series of resources including tip sheets and training modules were produced as part of that project and they can be found at

She has authored, co-authored and edited seven books, two of which were published in 2020.

Professor Jacqui Ewart was a journalist and media manager for more than a decade. She has worked as an academic for the past 27 years.

You can listen to some of the interviews I did for the Real Rural Women’s Leadership Project on Apple podcasts via the link below. My interviews focused on women journalists and editors who are working in regional, rural and remote newsrooms.