Friday 23 June 2023

10:30AM – 12:30PM

Mal Nairn Auditorium


Social Harmony and Equality


Chair: Kiran Sreedhar Ram, PhD Research Candidate

Blue 05.1.01


Sustainable and Healthy Behaviours


Chair: Caleb Ojo, PhD Research Candidate

10:30 – 10:37 Krista Alison Rechel Masarwa – Menzies

Safeguarding Ngiyampaa-Wangaapuwan Intangible Cultural Heritage, Indigenous Intellectual Property, and endangered sacred archival song lines


10:30 – 10:37 Breeanna Spring – FOH

How to improve preterm labour aeromedical care for remote dwelling women Mixed methods research project




10:37 – 10:44 Imroatul Hasanah – FAS

Developing English Materials in a Mobile Application for Junior and Senior High School Students


10:37 – 10:52 Raymond Ukaegbu – FAS

The Cultural Interpretation of Clothing A Study of the Igbo Man of South-Eastern Nigeria.


10:44 – 10:51 Trudi Sieland – Menzies

Key turning points in health trajectories as told by First Nations People in the NT




10:52 – 11:07 Lucy Hoang – FAS

How can Tertiary Education contribute to Sustainable Economic Development A case Study from Technological Innovation in Seafood Industry



10:51 – 10;58 Laura Fairbrother – FAS

Co-Designing Curriculum to Build Capability and Increase Quality in Teaching and Learning.


11:07 – 11:22 Sarah Cassidy-Seyoum – Menzies

Exploring Plasmodium vivax malaria complete treatment interventions in Cambodia the impact of trust


10:58 – 11:13 Dean Mobbs – FAS

Sleeping Dogs and Ashes Love as Law Marriage as Metaphor Welfare Ordinances and Discrimination in Australia 1955 – 1965


11:22 – 11:37 Rachel Buckley – Menzies

Exploring young people’s perspectives to design an emergency department model of care.



11:13 – 11:28 Merin Nielsen- FAS

Conscious cognition



11:37 – 11:44 Amy Bleakley – Menzies

Establishing models of RSV-pneumococcal co-infection to examine the effects of vitaminD on respiratory epithelial cell immune responses


11:28 – 11:35 Fais Nuru Hadi – FAS

Mobile-Based Language Learning (MALL) in Rural Area of Indonesia Early Findings


11:44 – 11:59 Yao Long Lew -Menzies

The epidemiology of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Sabah, Malaysia Gains and losses from 2016 to 2021


11:35 – 11:42 Hujia(Vicky) Liu – FAS

The Role of Communication Platforms in the Study Experience of Nepalese, Indian and Chinese International Students in Northern Territory (NT), and How Communication Platform Usage Has Changed in the Post-Pandemic Era


11:59- 12:14 Angelica Tan – Menzies

The role of neutrophil elastase in severe Plasmodium knowlesi malaria


11:42 – 11:57 Jenne Roberts – FOH

De-colonising health program evaluation mindsets and methods




12:14 – 12:29 Yuri  Arvian- FAS

Social Acceptance of Large-scale Renewable Energy Socio-Economic Review


11:57 – 12:12 Michael Ifarajimi – FAS

Sustainability of Teacher Education The Role of Mentoring


12:12 – 12:27 Raguib Muneer – FAS

Quantitative Measurement of Civic Scientific Literacy Among Senior Secondary School Students in the Northern Territory


12:27 – 12:34 Huda Syyed – FAS

Female Genital Cutting (FGC) in Pakistan Reasons, Implications & Evolution of this Tradition.